World-famous photographer PEROU specialises in fashion and portrait photography but on April 11th,
he took to the to the streets of London with his camera and photographed women
in a way he never had before for Rape Crisis SOUTH London.

These women, chosen at random, were photographed in a pop-up street studio 
capturing them in a composition that felt authentic to them. 
Previously, PEROU has been seen to objectify and actively sexualise women through his photography
but this campaign allowed him to empower authentic and natural femininity.

#thisdoesntmeanyes captured women dressed and behaving however they wanted, 
for no one but themselves.
This campaign presents that ‘this’ –be it a short skirt, a low-cut top or a red lip- 
is not an invitation for a man to take what he chooses. 
It is a woman’s personal form of expression, and her right to express it.  


We have had so much support for #thisdoesntmeanyes
It's been so humbling to see so much encouragement from all over the world.
so far we've had support from 23 countries including the uk, the usa, italy, Amsterdam, Germany, sweden, Denmark,Norway, Portugal, Spain, poland, Azerbaijan, Mexico and australia.

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