A short skirt is not a yes. 
A red lip is not a yes. 
A wink is not a yes. 
A slow dance is not a yes. 
A walk home is not a yes. 
A drink back at mine is not a yes. 
A kiss on the sofa is not a yes. 
What I wear and how I behave are not invitations.

There’s a myth that surrounds women, a myth that embroils them:
women who dress or behave suggestively,
women who are playful or who act provocatively,
women who flirt or openly discuss sex – they’re ‘asking for it’.
It’s an insidious fable, and it needs to stop. 
Every woman has a right to freedom of expression.
No woman deserves to be raped for it.
No one should be able to blame rape on a short skirt.
A short skirt can’t talk – a short skirt can’t say ‘yes’.

the only yes should be an active and embodied 'yes!'